The first thing I did after starting to read into the changes of the rating system at the eve of 2018 and the comments made by the employees of the publishing company Riot Games, was searching for increments of ‘lunacy’ and ‘retarded’. I find it humorous that people justify this system as by being “not yet complete” which is basically like saying paper is a great material for making chairs but not complete yet. I am not able to differentiate if there is some ingenuous cooperate agenda behind those change, or if these people seriously just have got the slightest clue about rating system. If I had to make a satire of the League of Legends rating system, I couldn’t because the actual system would have beaten me to it already in almost every way.

Math vs the “Feelies” 

We are (sic) adding two new tiers. The first tier, Iron, is going below Bronze to help give those players an opportunity to get better recognition as they get better at the game.


Nevermind that they refuse to give anybody a meaningful number or distribution of estimated skill. They are now adding a new “garbage” tier so bad players can feel better when being in bronze because they are not “iron”, I’m sure that will totally help to reduce frustration among Bronze players. Nevermind the afk’ers every other game across 80+ percent of the League community, nevermind the smurfs trying to intentionally lose, nevermind a working reporting system or a working rating system for that matter. Adding a new wood tier is the solution. This is genuinely beyond satire. How about we add a plastic tier next, so iron players don’t have to feel bad because they suck.

Player Influx 

Over your remaining nine placement games, your LP gains will be accelerated, you’ll skip promotion series, and you’ll be shielded from losing LP since your true rank should be higher than your provisional rank.


So.. basically, you want to let everybody start at the lowest point, instead of middle of the deviation, so you don’t have to rank them down. Horrific idea.

gaussian probability distribution

Listen, you can shittalk all you want, but the very definition of a probability distribution is that show the probability of something being in a certain place. And for League of Legends that is somewhere in Silver, letting players start in Iron or Bronze is therefore about as stupid as letting them start in Platinum or Diamond. Just as average players would frustrate upper players, average will frustrate lower end players.

Blindly shooting in the dark 

We will implement a per-role rating system. This will not impact the number of games you have to play to be ranked accurately.

Uhh, u sure about that mates?

It is very dangerous, to let a rating system depend on anything but the mere fact of winning or loosing, especially if you have a history of not understanding them in the first place. Look, currently, the average balance of games is barely better than what you would expect by just throwing random people into a game. It is still possible to go on 10 games winstreaks, and you still need upwards of 40 games to be matched into the backend rating (I despise the term “MMR” often used within League of Legends) of Diamond and upwards, even with a 75% winrate, maybe even a hundred. That’s absurd. And now you are implementing math of which the impact is completely unpredictable, into a system, that is already broken. What exactly makes you think this will improve the problem.

Open your eyes 

Last time I posted about this topic I got accused of “being stuck” and that I should tell my own rating. I continue to refuse this. My rating is completely and utterly irrelevant to this discussion. Let me make this absolutely clear this time: Yes, if you play enough games you will end up where you belong. The problem I have is with the number of games you have to play. It does not matter if IWillDominate can do it in 50 Games and I need 200. The mere fact that he can go on a 50 Games winstreak is the problem. It shouldn’t be possible in a working matching and rating system.

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