Banning on the Insurgency Server 

I have been criticized repeatedly for my excessive banning of people because of their chat messages - most by the people banned anyway. As of writing this post there were 90.000 unique players on my servers and I have banned 1490 players. Of those players 816 have been automatically flagged and banned for writing “gg easy game” or a variation/abbreviation of those words in the game’s all chat. 105 have been banned for griefing games, usually that means teamkilling. 257 people have been banned for spamming in voice chat or refusing to talk in English. 180 people have been banned for excessive insults or racism and only one person has been banned for cheating after I personally reviewed one of his games, where he was blatantly tracking people through walls.

Another 350 people are flagged for excessively leaving games in which their team was loosing (the 2% worst offenders). Soon these people will receive a warning message and if they continue they will be eventually be automatically banned as well. All of the bans I listed here are permanent, though I have lifted some bans - without review - after getting friendly requests or apologies.

Many in the gaming community on reddit and other sites - even real life friends - have told me that “you’re too sensitive”, that “you can just mute people in chat” or “only griefing is the real problem”. But it is my thorough believe that this is just bitter acceptance speaking. Let me put it like this: When talking about any team based games. Why exactly should I, somebody who wants to play as a team, have fun, try to win, actively do anything if somebody behaves like an complete jerk? Me wanting to have reasonable teammates is not me being sensitive, it’s me being reasonable. I once quit a sports team cause my teammates were jerks. Could I have lived with them? Sure. Could I have won with them? Sure. Is dealing with idiotic people the way I want to spend my free time? No.

The cancer of the “just ignore them” has infected so many gaming communities these days it’s actually insane. At the time of writing I just come out of the clash beta in Europe West of the League of Legends servers and it was great playing with some acquaintances who wanted to win, played the role they are good in, and didn’t insult each other. I understand that it is more difficult to deal with completely unknown people as opposed to some loose acquaintances. But the very basis of teamplay is respect, and if Leauge of Legends thought me one thing, it’s that respect must be enforced to a certain point.


In my opinion writing “gg ez” after a 40 minute, tense game is among the most unacceptable statements in gaming. This phrase is not a result of rage like calling your teammate a moron. It’s not an expression of excitement like “omg I’m a god”. It’s only purpose is to make your opponent feel bad over their loss. Imagine somebody saying this after a game of soccer, imaging somebody saying it anywhere in real life. For me, auto-flagging and banning “gg ez” ultimately isn’t even about the phrase itself, it’s about the type of person behind it. An instant verbose, irreversible and permanent ban sends a clear message to everybody on the server, that these people are not welcome and yes: It feels good for everybody else to see a guy instantly banned after such comment.

It works 

Just play two maps on my server and then play two maps on ANY other, and you will instantaneously see the difference. Intentional teamkilling, insults or trolling have become rare and the average level of teamplay is much higher, not the least because people are actually coming back because of the friendly environment.

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