Generally great value for money and friendly support, but plagued by connection problems.

Support - above average 

It takes first level support to usually less than one working day to respond to mails. Like most first level supports they are very friendly and very useless. It takes one more half of a day or more and 1-2 mails to get to the real support, which is also friendly and competently solved my problems.

Stability - as advertised 

They advertise their VPS uptime to be 95%, and yes be prepared for your server to be down multiple days a year and a few minutes every now and then. Server downtimes are usually due to screw ups on their parts and display a severe lack or monitoring. I would never host an important server there not really because of the actual length of the downtimes but more because the problem that arose displayed a lack of competence and I wouldn’t trust them to get to 99% uptime or more even if they tried.

Performance - very good 

Some older reviews suggest an overselling of their servers. In one year I have not experienced any problems with performance. They use KVM for virtualization, the single core performance isn’t great (as is to be expected with a VPS) but apart from that everything they write on their website holds true. Available bandwidth is usually higher than advertised.

Money to value - very good 

For medium sized VPS I have not to date seen any better offers that the ones from Contabo, in or outside of Germany.

Website/Webpanel - clear and functional 

On first sight, their Website seems a little bit old-school but it is very functional and easily the most well structured Website of any hoster out there. The Webpanel is basic but functional as well. It only features the basics like hard resetting server, VNC hostname changing whatnot but after all that’s the things most people need.


Contabo is cheap, and if you buy something very cheap, don’t expect it to be super high quality. For a experimental server or gaming host, it is ok. The occasional lags are annoying and will hurt you as a public (gaming) server if you want people to return. I would never host something important at Contabo, like i said, not even because of the downtimes itself, but because the problems that have arisen, show me that there is a strong lack of monitoring and they are either understaffed or do not have competent people.

Feel free to send me a mail to share your thoughts!