Privacy TL;DR

The AtlantisHQ takes your privacy very seriously: We do not log any personally identifiable information on our webserver and we do not load external resources. Once your session expires, you are forgotten. Please continue reading for information about data you actively enter on our sites.

The Server has the following information about a created poll, which are stored unencrypted:

All these information are automaticly deleted three months after the creation of a poll. If you feel like a poll is inappropriate, please send me an e-mail, explaining why you think the poll should be deleted.

All information you enter about the series you liked or disliked, will be saved and incorporated into our algorithm - this cannot be undone. If you entered an E-Mail address, this data will be associated with it and your username. If you delete your account, your username and E-Mail will be replaced with a random anonymous ID.


This Website does not use Cookies.

Other Information:

Who are you?

A former computer science student of the FAU-Erlangen (hence my GitHub handle FAUSheppy). I now work as a web developer, Linux admin and python programmer.

Gaming Servers

For all gaming servers, please consult the EULA of the individual games, which you have agreed on when you installed it. Most notably our Insurgency servers have a rating system, which records performance (games won, games lost, composition of teams, length of the game and map) of you or more specifically the Steam account used to connect to our server.

If wish to opt-out of the rating system, you can contact me and I will happily blacklist you from all our server and delete all data of you recorded. However please note that those information are ultimately public anyway, as all Insurgency servers can be querried for the players currently online.. I will however never undo such a blacklist as the rating system is intended to one day be used for matchmaking.



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Need something hosted?

Back in the days, when I was with the school-newspaper, I noticed it can be very difficult to get started with a website or stuff that requires a server in general. So, if you are a group at a university, school or doing any form of public service/non-profit projects: Contact me, I might be able to host your project for free and assist you with deployment.

This Blog represents my personal views not the views of my employer, neither is it related to it in any way.